So, yesterday i walked around Ballutta Bay, there was a lot of people walking too. Sometimes it’s better walk during the night, because it’s not so hot. When i was walking i could see that some places was open, like market-place with some souvenirs. So different from winter, that we couldn’t see too many people walking during the night, maybe because of the weather and because of the fact that in summer there are more tourists than in winter.

Today, i finished to watched the movie Original Sin with Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie, it’s a mix of romance, drama and mistery. The story pass in old times, they decided to marry without know each other, then with the time, the husband starts to discover that his wife hide a lot of secrets.

I also watched Just like a woman, that tells a story about two friends, that after some bad events, decide to say goodbye for their old life and start a new one. And one of they, have the dream of became a profissional bellydancer, so she starts a journey, that it’s not only for the dance but to find herself.

The both are very diiferent from each other, but they are very interesting and make us questions about values and think about life.

Well, for a while, that’s it.


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