Brazilians are in everywhere it’s true..
Today, while i was waiting for the bus in the bus stop, two brazilians came to ask me in english some information about the bus..then i just asked: are you brazilian? and then we started laugh about the situation. After a while, we talked about some beaches and nice places to visit here.
I didn’t visit blue lagoon yet, i hope to find some time for go…
And i din’t visit any new places, but here are some photos of Gzira at night and Sliema.

St.julians, Sliema..i like to walk around the bay, see the sea, feel the sun, it’s good for think. Think about nothing, think about everything. Think about the past, the present, the future. Think about Brazil, about Malta. Moments,feelings,discoveries. So many fareweel, so many goodbyes…People that came and go…
If my english is better, i can’t say it, but i’ve been trying to do my best as possible as i can.
But sometimes, i’ve to confess that i can’t resist and I listen some brazilian music or speak and write in portuguese, ‘cause in some way it makes me feel no so like a fish out of the water here.
Oh.. and this is another thing..some of people here think that brazilians speak spanish or even brazilian…well, in some way there is diference in brazilian portuguese and portuguese from Portugal, and considering all the expressions and slangs from which region in Brazil, in some way it’s a brazilian way to speak portuguese…


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