Yesterday, here was raining, i think it was the first day that i’m here in summer in Malta that rained.
Then i went to lessons, it was about music, the subject it’s very interesting for me. We talk about styles of music and music taste. I was surprised when the most of people in the class just used to listen pop eletronic music..I was expecting something different, maybe because i use to listen a lot of different styles of music and i’m always trying to dicovering new things(when i say new stuff, it doesn’t necessary needs to be current/actual songs,but different and new for me).
Music is polemic, sometimes, because each one has your own opinnion and what sounds perfect and great for some people, can sounds terrible and unbearble for others.
And one interesting thing that my teacher said when a student introduced a new music and ask her opinion, she said that needed to listen more times for analyse for says if she likes or not.
I think the most of people are like that, but there are some music, usually commercial, that you just listen once and its enough for be in your mind for the rest of day. If it’s a good music it’s ok, but if don’t,it’s not so good haha
For me, it’s simple or i like or i don’t like,of course that are some music that you need more time for assimilate,specially instrumental or when it’s something completelly different from what are you use to listen.
After the lesson, i watched some movies like The Last Time I saw Paris and the begginig of Dr. Zhivago(‘cause it’s a long movie).
And for the first time I cook sushi, and my friend prepared a coktail with banana juice, here in Malta.


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